gear1 [ gır ] noun **
1. ) count or uncount the part of an engine that changes engine power into movement. Most cars in the U.S. are automatics, so the engine changes between gears without the driver having to do anything:
change gears: Helen changed gears as she approached the intersection.
first/second/third etc. gear: I put the car into fourth gear when I got onto the highway.
low/high gear: Always use a low gear when driving down a steep hill.
grind the gears (=make a noise when changing gear because you do not do it correctly): You'll ruin the transmission if you keep grinding the gears like that.
in gear (=with one of the gears connected so that the power of the engine will make the wheels move): The car won't move unless you're in gear.
out of gear (=with no gears connected): Take the car out of gear.
2. ) uncount the special clothes and equipment that you use for a particular activity:
Don't forget to bring hiking gear.
We took down the tent and packed all the gear away.
police dressed in riot gear
3. ) uncount a machine or part of a machine that does a particular job:
Firefighters with heavy lifting gear battled to free the survivors from the wreckage.
4. ) uncount INFORMAL illegal drugs, especially HEROIN
get/click into gear
to start working effectively or making progress:
Her electoral campaign is finally getting into gear.
Suddenly my brain clicked into gear and I realized what was happening.
in/into high gear
working very fast or effectively:
Everybody is in high gear at work these days.
Retailers are moving into high gear as the holiday season approaches.
put/throw something out of gear
to stop something from working as it should
shift/switch gears
to change the way you think about or do something:
If this idea doesn't work, we're going to have to shift gears.
gear 2 [ gır ] verb intransitive or transitive usually passive
to prepare something or make it suitable for a particular situation, group, or use:
gear toward: The museum is geared toward children.
gear something to do/doing something: The committee is not geared to carrying out regular school inspections.
gear for: We were geared for the visit and are disappointed that it was canceled.
,gear `up phrasal verb intransitive or transitive
to prepare yourself or prepare something for an activity or event:
The town is gearing up for the carnival this weekend.
gear yourself up: Most banks have geared themselves up for an electronic future.
The tobacco companies are gearing up to fight the new tax.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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